Earrings Earrings Everywhere, and not a pair to wear!

Retro Design!I love earrings. I have an embarrassingly large collection – not even my husband has seen them all. From the simple, to the glitzy, the weird to the outrageous… I’ve got them all! They’re such a great way to express yourself – smart, casual, micheivious, glamourous, on the pull… whatever!

Anyway, my collection of vintage clip on earrings (that I bought to play dressing up with my daughter then kept in a box for three years) are currently for sale on Etsy, and selling, so I’ve knuckled down and created some crochet earrings to sell as well.

To be fair, most of these earrings fit into the ‘unusual’ category, but if you’re in the mood to be noticed, that’s exactly what you want isn’t it?

It’s been ever-so-painful making all these and not trying them out myself, but they have brand new ear wires in them, and even I with my slight earring-problem tend not to buy used ones!

Please take a look http://www.etsy.com/shop/DaisyandherThings

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Band Contest

So, very little crochet today as out at a band contest, sampling the beer on offer in Preston.

Have made a couple of cherries for cupcakes, but that’ll probably be it. Unless I’m inspired when I get home full of beer. Whit Friday’s coming up though, and I’ve made a bass drum for a little teddy, just have to add a leopardskin tabard for transformation into a Besses mascot beyond compare.

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The Birth of the Wonky Kitty

Today is the dawning of a new age. The age of the Wonky Kitty. For me, at least, it’s very exciting.

The Kitty is the first spin off from my beloved Wonky Bunnies, and I’m very pleased with the result, notwithstanding the fiddly tail (Oh Goodness!).

I hope you enjoy the picture, and keep an eye out for kitties and pattern going on sale in my Etsy shop. Where you can now find some of my Wonky Bunnies for sale… But you can only buy them if you *promise* to love them for ever and ever and ever…

Finally, spare a thought for the prototype Wonky Kitty. Like a scene from ‘The Fly’ it came out all wrong, like a cat/rat hybrid only uglier. I’m sorry. Sometimes the power of crochet should not be left in such careless hands as mine.

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An aside on Speed Cameras

I am a safe and careful driver. I hate people who drive dangerously, I hate bad, oblivious, drivers and I firmly believe there is a special place in Hell for drink drivers.

That being said, I’ve felt a wave of antagonism towards speed cameras building this week.

Some bright spark at the local council has been given a number of temporary speed notification devices, and made the dubious decision to site one on the street where I live. It’s not a very sophisticated piece of kit, it displays your speed and flashes a helpful message, “SLOW DOWN”… Whatever speed you’re doing.

So I find myself shouting such things as, “I don’t need to fupping slow down, I’m only doing 13 miles a fupping hour” and also accelerating harder than normal to see what speed I can achieve in the 100 yards between my house and the device. It’s not healthy.

This morning I was oh so very tempted to run full pelt with the pram to see what its lower speed detection limit is. I’ve also got half a mind to put my best running shoes on and see just how fast this just-about-still-a-twenty-something can go. But then I’d probably tear a stomach muscle or something (as I always used to do on my beer-fuelled runs in my younger days), and that’s not clever in contest season.

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In The Interests Of Romance…

FREE DOWNLOAD: Amigurumi SpermAmigurumi Sperm

Well, once again Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s also my birthday a few days afterwards, but only a select few care about that so back to the romance…

Here is a pattern for an Amigurumi Sperm, the very essence (geddit?) of Romance. Whether you’re trying to make a loved one smile, suggesting a new baby is in your future plans, or need a really rather obvious way of asking someone to sleep with you… this Sperm is for you.

Download the PDF, make one. Make more!

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Selling my Soul

I published my first pattern to my Etsy store yesterday. I found it quite an unsettling experience.

It felt like I was selling part of myself, even though it’s just a list of instructions and some photos. But the pattern came from my mind, from my creativity, and noone else could make the bunnies that I dreamed up. Well, noone else can yet because nobody’s bought the pattern! But still, I feel like there’s a tiny piece of the inner workings of my mind on display in public, and that’s going to take some getting used to!

You can see the listing here: Wonky Bunny Pattern

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Cupcake Day!

I’m working hard on crochet cupcakes today. It’s an easy pattern, but finding it very tough to motivate myself with all the sewing! Next project must be something that just has one hole, six stitches around, to close up at the end! Oh how I hate sewing…

More motivation needed on the Etsy front. I have finished items, photos and descriptions, but am finding a mental block over weighing them and working out postage for all over the world. I just want to crochet!

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