Earrings Earrings Everywhere, and not a pair to wear!

Retro Design!I love earrings. I have an embarrassingly large collection – not even my husband has seen them all. From the simple, to the glitzy, the weird to the outrageous… I’ve got them all! They’re such a great way to express yourself – smart, casual, micheivious, glamourous, on the pull… whatever!

Anyway, my collection of vintage clip on earrings (that I bought to play dressing up with my daughter then kept in a box for three years) are currently for sale on Etsy, and selling, so I’ve knuckled down and created some crochet earrings to sell as well.

To be fair, most of these earrings fit into the ‘unusual’ category, but if you’re in the mood to be noticed, that’s exactly what you want isn’t it?

It’s been ever-so-painful making all these and not trying them out myself, but they have brand new ear wires in them, and even I with my slight earring-problem tend not to buy used ones!

Please take a look http://www.etsy.com/shop/DaisyandherThings


About daisyandherthings

Crafty Socialist beer drinking mother of two.
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