Hello Anyway!

I’m Daisy and I love THINGS!

I love buying things, especially pottery and glass, and I love making things. Crochet suits me, it quiets my often overactive mind. I enjoy making my own patterns, turning odd little drawings into cute animals, or being inspired by a ball of wool into creating something special.

In order to placate my husband and family, I have taken the difficult choice to stop filling the house with things, and am going to make things to sell, possibly even sell some of the hundreds of things that clutter up the house!

Below is the start of one of my Wonky Bunnies, like most projects, the picture of it completed came into my head. Rest will be hard to come by until he’s completed, whereupon I will put him up for sale, hopefully to soon wish him well as he wends his wonky way out into the big wide world…

work in progress

work in progress


About daisyandherthings

Crafty Socialist beer drinking mother of two.
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